Research & Development

Research & Development

    Bio / Life  company has a strong R&D team of over scientists dedicated to developing innovative ingredients to meet the market demand. Most of the scientists are PhDs and Pharmacist Phyto-Chemistry. Coupled with our sophisticated apparatuses, we can effectively develop the customized ingredients to meet and exceed our customers expectations. 



We offer following Consultancy Services with the help of our Research Scientists and Lab Technicians.

I) Product development 

Reverse Pharmacology for Botanical Drug Product & reciprocative Target Therapeutic Leads

Evidence Based Medicine Design for Natural Products

Bioassays for Quality assessment

Reference Standards for Natural Products

Stability Study


Regulatory Monograph

Product Registration


II) Bioinformatics solutions for natural products

Pharmacognosy Studies

Molecular Modeling


Safety & Efficacy Assessment


III) Clinical trials for Natural products and Nutraceuticals

Clinical Trials Protocols Development

Safety assessment


Quality Assurance

We offer paramount importance to human health and employall conventional and advanced techniques to guarantee high-quality products. In practice, this has meant devising stringent methods and procedures for identifying, analyzing and testing so as to obtain high-quality end formulations. Rigid control over product quality is made possible by recourse to state-of-the-art machines and the latest production processes. 


Our commitment to excellence is evident in its day-to-day operations and quality improvement procedures. The search for excellence is in-built, continuous and company-wide. The company’s staff training and awareness program promotes optimal efficiency, accuracy and open communication.


Testing Parameters

1.       Raw Material Macroscopic Description (Morphology) Test

2.       Raw material Foreign matter Test

3.       Raw Material Microscopy of the section Test

4.       Powdered Drug Analysis Test

5.       Raw material and Final Product Moisture Test

6.       Ash (Total, Acid Insoluble, Water Soluble) Test

7.       Raw Material Extractives Value in water Test

8.       pH of Water extractives Test

9.       Raw Material extractive value in Organic Solvents Test

10.   Specific active or marker component (Alkaloid, Glycoside, Tannin, Phenolics)Test

11.   Heavy metals Pb, Cd Test

12.   Toxic metals As, Hg Test

13.   Organic Chlorine / Phosphorus (Pesticides residue) Test

14.   Bitterness index Test

15.   Hemolytic activity Test

16.   Astringency Test

17.   Swelling factor Test

18.   Foaming index Test

19.   Microbiology Test – Total, Pathogens 


Guidelines for processing and controlling the quality of Natural Products include a format for standardizing them on the basis of their plant origin and related characteristics.