The Bio / Life Company has always made the quality of its products and services an essential factor for growth and development.

These sites are today ISO 9001 certified, for the following activities:

•    The production, marketing and sales of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as the production, marketing and sales. 
•    The production and sales of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutritional sectors. Grinding and micronisation to order. 

The two sites engaged in the production of active ingredients for pharmaceuticals Bio / Life company follow GMP guidelines and conformity to these principles is monitored and confirmed by the through inspections carried out by auditors at regular intervals.



All these successive certifications are but a tangible illustration of the company capacity to respond to customer expectations through:

•    The anticipation of needs via active client feedback monitoring, an excellent knowledge of the regulatory environment, based on an integrated regulatory affairs service within the company, the sustained desire for improvement, by measuring client satisfaction and putting in place corrective measures as and when they are needed,
•    a guaranteed high and consistent level of quality for the products and services offered.


The reliability of the company's Quality Control systems, as well as its constant efforts to guarantee customer satisfaction are periodically confirmed by internal audits, external audits (clients) and third party audits (accreditation organizations, authorities).

From the selection of raw materials to the delivery of the finished products, each stage is rigorously monitored and controlled. The control laboratories, on site at each production facility, have for vocation the ultimate role as to the determination of product conformity and intrinsic quality.