About Us

Bio / Life Company
business since 2007. Production of liquid and dry extract. Medicinal herbs production and processing were to commence. The products were liquid extracts and dry extracts. Throughout years we have been working seriously on technology enhancement in order to achieve dry and liquid extract production of standardized for particular active components. The results were obtained and today Bio / Life Company is proud of its production and the fact that our company has become the national market leader in dry extracts production.


The development and enhancement of technology is under way in our company. Recently we have started the production of purified dry extracts. In 2014 our company introduced the integrated quality system ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HALAL  and GMP. We are obliged by this certificate to permanent enhancement and development of the quality standards in order to meet our consumers' needs. This is a precondition for survival in the national market and for expanding into the international market.The expansion into the international market was the task set by all employees in our company.